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Our purpose is to amplify people's value and impact.

Our mission is to enable purpose-driven professionals navigate careers in sustainability and redefining value.

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Building Your Personal Brand in Sustainability

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Project Value brings you the Unlearning Series to help you navigate your career in the field of sustainability. In the 1st of 3 series, we will help you Build Your Personal Brand into Sustainability. Sustainability is a trending but vague term that is difficult to navigate as a career. The world is changing and as the problems are getting more complex, so is our response. Your personal brand—not just from a marketability perspective, but also in terms of your value and impact—is important to stay relevant in driving solutions to today’s intractable problems. Are you looking to be ‘in sustainability’ or a more purpose-driven field of work? Do you want to shift your conventional career to include sustainability? Or are you someone who knows exactly which industry they want to work but unsure how to scale your impact? In this workshop, we will look at your brand potential and provide frameworks to articulate and amplify your value and impact. Activities include: • Understanding and defining your personal brand through a series of curated questions • Crafting your narrative and pitch • Applying systems thinking to the issues you are addressing Designed to craft a clear, authentic narrative of your personal brand, this workshop is based on business skills from Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Leadership. Registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc1I0rDcHWev8MF7E1ypVVDQv3sDvk5vHhoFI66mxbYUElgSQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Workshop fee: PHP 550 inclusive of materials and snacks (payment upon entrance) Upcoming workshops in the Unlearning Series: #2 - Intrapreneurship: Embedding from Within #3 - Mentorship: Finding and Navigating Professional Growth Relationships

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