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Have you ever wondered how you could live more sustainably? Or whether the current socioeconomic narrative disincentives ethical lifestyles? Are you interested in the limitations of how government can nudge businesses to be more sustainable? Should politicians be bolder in their climate agendas, or does it first require a public majority? Can sustainability be localised, or does it require global injustice to be addressed first? Would you like to share those ideas and thoughts with like-minded people? Or perhaps you're just curious about contemporary perspectives on sustainable development. Then Sustainability Discourse is for you!

---- About us ----

Our group facilitates open-discourse on the topic of sustainability and all that it may encompass. From individual practitioners to activist movements, academic research to business practices and governmental policies, we seek to explore their inter-dependency and discover how our current generation can meet our own needs without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet theirs.

To address this existential issue, cities will need to play a key role in this transition as it is the main engine of growth and innovation. Berlin is a diverse, multicultural city, which many different stakeholders and we believe that we as individuals; with our different perspectives can come together to share practices and ideas to promote sustainability.

Starting as many good things do, with many passionate conversations over beers in the bars of Berlin, we are now a growing community of individuals, ranging from masters students, academics, job seekers, business professionals, scientists and practitioners. Through this initiative, we seek to enrich our understanding as well as share our ideas with other cities.

---- Member participation ----

The themes and formats of our events are open to any members and we invite suggestions. Just drop us a message and we can help setup the event page.

Also get in touch if you want to help out in other ways.

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We are also now a tribe of Impact Hub Berlin (https://berlin.impacthub.net/).

Also check us out on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/SustainabilityDiscourseBerlin)

Speakers and Listeners welcome alike!

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