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Are you, or do you want to be a leader, but do you feel that you're not showing the world the real you? Do you feel you have so much to offer, yet somehow you don't fully shine? And are you ready to explore what it could be inside YOU that's holding you back from your full potential?

The current climate is favourable for women who want to express their potential, or climb the ladder. And yet, change happens at snail's pace. So, what is the reason that women apply for promotion much less often than men, even though they're equally or better qualified? Why do so many institutions and companies struggle to find the right gender balance on the work floor, despite all the opportunities created?

One key factor is being overlooked: the role of our subconscious. Through a range of complex patterns, mechanisms and reflexes, we all help maintain the status quo without being aware of it. So if you're ready to discover how to break through your inner glass ceiling, please join in.

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Break through your inner glass ceiling

Jessica J.J. Lutz

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