What we're about

Hey creative side hustlers! This is not a workshop, class or information session, but a co-created Meetup group for anyone interested in participating in a resource and information-sharing, supportive, accountability buddy|sustainable|manageable goals-oriented community for artists, creatives, solo and freelance entrepreneurs. So many of us are individually beginning or actively building a sustainable income base, creatively, with our art, illustration, writing, design, photography, video, crafts, programming, blogging, coding and other vast and soon-to-be-discovered marketable creative skills. I'm a creative freelancer, and realized that while I have a particular set of strengths and acquired knowledge and experiences, and learning new skills all the time, what's been missing is a regular community of like minds with whom to check in and share ideas, knowledge, experience and support. I'd love for this Meetup group to become a sustainable tribe of creative inspiration, support, self-learning, information exchange, networking and achievable|actionable goals.

The format will be discussion of projects, whether content creation, illustration, photography, filmmaking, starting a youtube channel, writing and selling Amazon books, producing music, blogging, digital design and media, multimedia production, web design, UX|UI, starting|growing an ebay or etsy store, starting|growing a youtube channel, airbnb, or creating freelance gigs on Upwork and other online platforms.

We'll be reading side-hustle books and blogs and watching DIY|how-to video channels. I'm going to be putting together some ideas and a format for our first Meetup. Please feel free to reach out and say "hi" in meantime!

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