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What we’re about

Sustainable Capitol Hill is a network of neighbors, businesses and community groups dedicated to making Capitol Hill a sustainable community and a vital neighborhood - one with strong connections between people, place and the local ecosystem.
We host monthly events  for folks to meet neighbors, learn a skill, and become just a bit more sustainable along the way.  We are also currently heading one main project: The Capitol Hill Tool Library.

The Capitol Hill Tool Library is similar to a book library, but loans tools instead of books. Imagine borrowing a food dehydrator, a ladder, a fishing rod, much like you would borrow a book from SPL. Imagine learning how to fix your broken toaster, building a worm bin, preserving your summer bounty. Enjoy a local community of knowledgeable fixers, tool lending, and workshops at the new Capitol Hill Tool Library.

Find out more:
Sustainable Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill Tool Library
Facebook: Sustainable Capitol Hill
Instagram: @toollibrary
𝕏: @sustcaphill

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