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Tool Library Building

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Do you live in a tiny apartment, without room to store those tools you use once a year? Maybe you just feel like making ice cream once or twice a year, but don't need an ice cream maker for the rest of the year. What if you wanted to build a boat, but had no space? How about a cider making party with a cider press?
Tool Library to the rescue! Imagine checking out a food dehydrator, a multimeter, or a saw in the same way you would check out a book at the library. Imagine having a workshop space in your neighborhood! And it's all FREE!

Help us plan Capitol Hill's Tool Library. We're making this happen, and we need your help! You can get more info on our website ( (

This month, we will be at Starbucks, 1600 E. Olive Way. They are offering a 25% discount on food. Just mention you are with the tool library meetup!

Tool Library Building Meeting
Third Tuesdays of the Month, 6:30p

1600 E. Olive Way · Seattle, WA