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The Hero’s Journey with Dr Mitchell Colver (and Sutton Writers' AGM)

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The Hero’s Journey with Dr Mitchell Colver (and Sutton Writers' AGM)


The Hero’s Journey: Overcoming Challenges by Investing in Interpersonal Relationships.

Epic narratives like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars have inspired millions by highlighting truths about life, growth, and human potential. Using J. Campbell's "The Hero’s Journey," this session seeks to provide insight into how interpersonal relationships are a crucial aspect of every protagonist’s experience.

Dr Mitchell Colver began working in higher education in 2007, where his early experiences with students taught him to focus on the value of human diversity and human potential. Mitchell has degrees in Psychology, Music, and Experimental Research and a PhD emphasizing research in Higher Education.

His research has appeared in Popular Science, Discover, Slate, Smithsonian, New York Magazine, and, internationally, on Radio BBC. His prominence in the field has allowed him to serve as an analytics and change-management consultant for universities across the nation and globe. He currently serves as the Vice President of Civitas Learning corporation, an educational analytics firm.

Please note the first part of this meeting will be the Sutton Writers AGM. Non-members are welcome to attend.
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