What we're about

Hello all,

This is a group for young buddies (45+), couples and singles. Friends to be, ready to experience the most exotic places in the world and share their wonderful stories about trips they did, and the ones to come.

Who we are:

We are a couple that loves to travel and would like to share the amazing experience with a few friends.

Why we travel:

Travel is different for everyone. My girlfriend and I are no exception. We travel to be surprised, to indulge in new cultures, and learn new customs. We travel to make dreams come true. The dreams that we can’t live in our 9 to 5 routines. We travel because life is short and the world is full of interesting people and places.

How we travel:

Together we will pick 2 to 3 interesting destinations a year. We research it. We learn about the places, the history, and points of interest, some touristic, and many off the beaten path. We will rent houses or stay in hotels along the way. We will identify best ways to travel across the country/s of our choice, bus, train, car rental, airplane, or a river cruise, and we start our adventure!

Exotic Places:

Think Egypt, Israel, Costa Rica, Italy, Cuba, Ecuador, Canada, Thailand, and Dubai. This is not a wish list, it is the countries we visited in the past 3 years.

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