The Startup Experience


We're delighted to be returning to the Computational Foundry for our first SSDC Meetup of 2020.

Our main talk is titled "The Startup Experience", but if anyone has a lightning talk they would like to give, we'd be delighted, there's always space.

Talk: The Startup Experience

Synopsis: How joining a startup as a junior can accelerate learning and help gain a varied experience as a developer uniquely different from alternative junior programmes. Also touching on how the development environment changes as the company progresses from a startup to a larger development team and the technical and personal challenges from that.

About the Speaker: Matthew is a Software Engineer, with a passion for all things Ruby, web development and the Swans. He can be found on Twitter @matthew__effect and Instagram @matthewinwales

Many thanks to our event sponsors, NotBinary and Currencycloud. NotBinary will be providing refreshments on the evening, and Currencycloud pay the hosting costs for the meetup site.

The Computational Foundry is easy to find, accessible by public transport or bike from the centre of town. Parking is available in the visitors carpark immediately to the left of the main campus entrance.