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NEW POLICY: From now on, if you sign up on the meetup event, you will be moved to "not going" until you send your financial contribution of $50. Also, there is a new way to send your payment, so please see RESERVATION POLICY below. For questions, contact Corina at 805-469-9849 or

  • Bring a gallon of water and two towels.
  • Hydrate all day and eat lightly.
  • You can park in the driveway if there is space, otherwise down the street.

See full details below.
All Nations Lodge is based on native and ancient teachings from all lands, cultures, tribes and nations. The sweat lodge is best known as a Native American purification ceremony, and there have been sweat lodges on all continents in one form or another. In the lodge, we are symbolically crawling into the womb of mother earth to be reborn. We purify physically through the heat and the detoxification from sweating, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through the prayers we say and the sacred tribal songs we sing together.
Please read the guidelines below (some things may have changed) and forward this to anyone for whom you have reserved a spot.

RESERVATION POLICY: You can reserve through the meetup, but to guarantee your spot, you must offer your $50 financial appreciation in advance through @Corina-Villeda-1 (preferred) or to PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INDICATE WHO THE RESERVATION IS FOR IN YOUR VENMO OR PAYPAL TRANSACTION AND FOR WHICH MONTH YOU ARE RESERVING. Once you make your payment, your reservation will be marked paid on the meetup group event. You can get a refund for your advance payment if your plans change and you cancel 24 hours in advance.

SACREDNESS: The sweat lodge is a sacred ceremony, so please come with a sacred intention, and maintain the focus of that intention throughout your time here with us. We come together to re-enter the womb of Mother Earth to be purified and reborn, and have fun in the process.

DONATIONS: WE DONATE 25% OF ALL CONTRIBUTIONS TO BENEFIT PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION, THE MOST IMPOVERISHED RESERVATION IN THE COUNTRY. We are donating through You can learn more about the plight of the people of this poorest reservation in our country at We do appreciate your contributions as a great deal of time and energy goes into the preparation and guiding of these ceremonies.

CANCELLATIONS: If you have paid in advance, to receive a refund if your plans change, you must cancel within 24 hours.

TIMING: Please arrive by 4:45 pm. We will all be checked in and start the sharing promptly at 5 p.m., and an important part of the ceremony is the interaction and synergy that takes place through all of us sharing and supporting each other's intentions for the lodge. There is about an hour of preparation before going in the lodge, and once in the lodge, the ceremony lasts around 3 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more. Please plan on staying for the entire ceremony even if you do not stay in the lodge until the completion. This request is to honor all those in attendance and the ancestors who have come to join with us as well.

PARKING: If you wouldn't mind, please park down the street a bit from our place (or really the farther away the better). And please not in front of the place to our left (facing our house that is). Our neighbors are not happy when there are a lot of cars parked in the cul-de-sac, and we want to keep the peace. If you get here on the early side and want to park in our driveway (if there is space), feel free.

PREPARATION: Eat light before the lodge (not fasting, just don't eat a big stake lunch or something like that) and hydrate yourself well all day (but not too much just before going in for the sake of bladder comfort). We strongly recommend that you avoid heavy alcohol use at least 3 days before (and especially the day before) the lodge (and definitely not any alcohol the same day as it will dehydrate you, and you are going to need your hydration). You will be purifying and it will be easier and more enjoyable the more toxin free you are to begin with. On that subject, eating and drinking healthy (if you don’t already) leading up to the lodge is also helpful. Bring two towels and loose fitting cotton clothing (shorts & t-shirt are ideal or some people prefer bathing suits or trunks) to change into for the sweat lodge, or wear your lodge clothes and bring clothing to change into afterward as you will be soaked. Sandals are helpful as well. Bring plenty of water to drink in between rounds of the ceremony. ½ gallon is recommend. IF YOU HAVE ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS--ESPECIALLY HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE OR HEART CONDITIONS--YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN SWEAT LODGES.

POSSIBILITY OF RAIN: In holding lodges here since October of 2008, we have never had rain that stopped us from getting the fire lit and heating the rocks, so we do hold them rain or shine of the moon.

MOON CYCLE: As a non-traditional lodge, we do not subscribe to the practice of prohibiting women from participating when on their moon cycle. So you are fine to join the lodge if you are on your cycle.

MEDICINE GIFT: The medicine gift is optional and always appreciated especially if it is your first time to the lodge. Substances relating to fire are always the best medicine gifts, such as bundled sage, sweet grass (which we have plenty of), and tobacco (which we are low on).

ADDRESS: 2593 Young Avenue Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Again, Corina’ phone is 805-469-9849. You are looking for a house at the end of the cul-de-sac. Remember to park down the street a bit.

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Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota for all my relations or we are all one),

Patrick & Corina

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