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Autumn Indoor Fitness Bootcamp!
WHAT CAN I EXPECT? The best and most complete workout of your week, given by an experienced fitness pro. The workout incorporates full body strength training and aerobics for fitness and weight loss. And, more importantly, ACCOUNTABILITY! You can even request A PLAN FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK! WHAT'S REQUIRED? $20 cash/check. Positive energy & a good work ethic. Water and a towel is also recommended. ___________________________________________________ We promptly begin warmups at 8:00 a.m., followed by 30 minutes of full-body fitness circuits utilizing a multitude of equipment and exercises. At 8:50 we begin cooldown, finishing by 9:00. If you have any other questions about the group or workouts, email [masked]

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What we're about

Located in Frederick County, MD & Fairfax County, VA, we are a closely-knit group of men and women from 16 to 50+ years of age with widely-varying fitness levels.

Our purpose is to motivate each other through intense Bootcamps every week to accomplish our fitness goals, and to reduce the stress of daily living, increase balance, flexibility & serenity through Stretching and/or Yoga.

The workouts are diversified, highly-athletic & most importantly, fun.

The following Bootcamps are offered:

1. Sweat & Stretch.

90 minutes. The "All-Round" bootcamp. For those with some exercise experience who are looking to lose weight or improve overall physical fitness level. Exercises include weighted strength & calisthenic exercises, functional core work with medicine balls, creative cardio drills of all types, multi-level power yoga, speed & agility drills with cones & ladders, plyometrics with steps & hurdles, and much more.

2. Cardio Kickboxing.

60 minutes. For those with weight-loss goals and looking for a fun way to burn lots of calories. We use full 16-ounce boxing gloves and pads. Everyone gets to punch and kick for half the class and pad for half the class. Both are fun and intense. We stretch 5 minutes afterwards.

3. Abs & Core Bootcamp.

60 minutes. 5 minute warmup, 15 minute deep core stabilization, 15 minute power abs, 15 minutes toning abs, 10 minute cooldown.

4. Couch to 5K Run/Walk

A 12-Week plan to prepare you for your first or best 5K run/walk. Includes weekly group meetings to getting form & safety tips, proper warmup and cooldown techniques and to plan the upcoming week's runs/walks.

5. Parkour Runs.

60 minutes. 10 minute warmup, 40 minute jog + exercises along the way (including lunges, squats, pushups, bench stepups, basketball court sprints, playground exercises, beam steps/jumps, jumping jacks, bike rack toe taps, etc.). Tons of fun!

6. Holiday Slim-Down

60 minutes. Calorie-burning workouts combined with group discussions on challenges faced during the holiday party season.

7. Mommy & Me

Recommended for moms with kids of any age who are looking to get back in shape. If your little one is at home, bring them along! Children welcome to stay in the stroller for the 45-minute workout and join in for the 15-minute stretch afterwards. Class runs for 60 minutes total.

8. Women's Back to School Shape-Up

With the kids back in school, now's the time to focus on you. This class will focus on all the muscle groups that women need to focus on. 60 minutes.

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