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We are a Seattle-based group of women who like to work out at all levels. We keep things interesting for everyone by mixing things up with a wide variety of activities - from trapeze to swimming, kayaking to running we have something for everyone and YOU choose what you want to do. Please join us and attend something organized by our other members or create your own event.

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Good Old Fashioned Bootcamp

Greenlake Aquatheater by Small Craft Center (aka Boat-house)

Meet for some early morning cardio and strength conditioning. We will be mixing it up: something different every week: from basic bootcamp stuff on the field, circuits with weights, stretchy bands and other equipment, working the stairs at the stadium, or doing hill work on the Woodland Park trails. Whatever we do, the goal is to keep it fun and challenging--looking forward to seeing some new faces as well as the "steadies". What to bring: mat/towel, 5-10 lb hand weights (if you got 'em) gloves and water. Newcomers/first timers welcome. We aren't going anywhere, so you won't get "left behind". Everyone is encouraged to go their own pace and have fun while challenging themselves to achieve their personal best. Fitness tip: early morning exercisers often show the greatest consistency in their workout routines. If you can get yourself in the habit, the payoff can be big. The key is to plan ahead, get to bed early and expose your face to very bright light (ideally a light box) first thing upon awaking in the morning.

Tues Run Club + Circuits

Green Lake Stadium

Join Betties and Buddies for an easy lap around the lake (10-11 min/mile pace), with the option to end with a few sprint intervals. Jog/walkers welcome. After the run, we will meet back at the stadium for stairs, yoga and/or strength training circuits. See the comments section below to find out what is happening this week. GET YOUR GEAR: For the strength/circuits portion, you may find WORKOUT GLOVES useful--gardening gloves with rubbery grips work quite well. NOTE: If it is your first time joining us, you may wish to arrive 5 min. early to allow enough time to find us and call for directions in case you get lost. Please message me ahead of time for my phone number. I don't have internet or a way to check email or MeetUp at the lake. THIS IS A RECURRING EVENT


Green Lake Community Center

To gambol is to run around playing excitedly. Although the word sounds like "gamble," when you gambol you never lose — you just have a great time! It's fun! It's an adventure! It's really FREAKIN' EARLY!!! Meet at the COMMUNITY CENTER near the BOAT RENTAL PLACE/TENNIS COURTS. WE WILL START AT 5:30A SHARP, and head to the wading pool, starting with a gentle jog (this is counter clockwise around the lake). If you get there late find us at the wading pool where we will be doing interval circuits. After that, we'll make additional stops including BEAR CRAWL HILL and the STAIRS, then it is on around the rest of the way for trash can skipping intervals. Back at the cars, we can throw in some abs, dumbbell work and stretching (if time and interest allow). We make a point to be back at the cars by 6:30a for those who need to get ready for work. This is open to all fitness levels--everyone goes their own pace and the focus is on challenging ourselves while having fun, avoiding injury and enjoying each other's company. NOTE: You may want WORKOUT GLOVES (gardening gloves with rubbery grips work great)--trust me, you will be glad to have them when we hit BEAR CRAWL HILL! THIS IS A RECURRING EVENT

#FFFFw/Friends! Workout

Lower Woodland Soccer Field #2 Parking Lot

Join us for "Free Fun Fresh Fitness w/ Friends" Friday Workouts at Lower Woodland Soccer Field #2. It's FREE, it's FUN and it's OUTSIDE! What we will do: bootcamp work out, featuring high intensity cardio intervals, mixed with strength circuits, games, challenges and hill sprints. What to bring: gloves, water bottle, mat or towel and 5-10 lb hand weights, if you've got 'em. Every week, the workout is a little different, but the atmosphere is always the same: FUN! All levels welcome. Everyone is encouraged to go their own pace. No one is "left behind" because we aren't going anywhere! If you have an injury or concern, message me ahead of time or let me know during the workout. We can always find a modification or alternative. No judgement here. This weekly recurring event is open to "Betties&Buddies"--feel free to bring your "buddies"!

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Golden Gardens Stairs Workout

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