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We are a Seattle-based group of women who like to work out at all levels. We keep things interesting for everyone by mixing things up with a wide variety of activities - from trapeze to swimming, kayaking to running we have something for everyone and YOU choose what you want to do. Please join us and attend something organized by our other members or create your own event.

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Tues Run Club + Circuits--SUSPENDED

Green Lake Stadium

Join Betties and Buddies for an easy lap around the lake (10-11 min/mile pace), with the option to end with a few sprint intervals. Jog/walkers welcome. After the run, we will meet back at the stadium for stairs, yoga and/or strength training circuits. See the comments section below to find out what is happening this week.

GET YOUR GEAR: For the strength/circuits portion, you may find WORKOUT GLOVES useful--gardening gloves with rubbery grips work quite well.

NOTE: If it is your first time joining us, you may wish to arrive 5 min. early to allow enough time to find us and call for directions in case you get lost. Please message me ahead of time for my phone number. I don't have internet or a way to check email or MeetUp at the lake.



Online event

To gambol is to run around playing excitedly. Although the word sounds like "gamble," when you GAMBOL, you never lose — you just have a great time!

The Wednesday GAMBOL continues! Get some headphones with a mic, get outside and sign in to the link provided. We will be running a virtual simulation of the traditional GREENLAKE GAMBOL featuring all of the essential elements:

Warm-up trot to the "wading pool"
Cardio/Strength circuits
Trot to Bear Crawl Hill.
"Pretty Bench" Abs/Push-ups
"Trash can skipping" back to wherever you came from.

NOTE: You may want WORKOUT GLOVES (gardening gloves with rubbery grips work great) for push-ups and other hands on the ground work. Trust me, you will be glad to have them when we hit BEAR CRAWL HILL.


Hilly Hop Workout : #FFFFw/Friends!

View Ridge Playfield Park

Hilly Hop Workout with Friends!
Outdoor workout with limited number of attendees. We will spread out and do the big hill down to Sand Point and back, return to the playground for circuits with weights, then do the hill again! This workout is fun and intense. If you are not fully vaccinated, please bring a mask.

Good Old Fashioned Bootcamp--Virtual Workout!

Online event

Join us for an online workout from your basement, your front yard or a local park--wherever you go is up to you!

What you need:
-A freshly charged device with access to Facebook Messenger.
-Headphones with a mic (so you can run and chat at the same time!).
-Workout space—either inside or out.
-A bench or chair that you can use for “step-ups"
-Mat or towel
-Jump rope (if you have one)
-Stretchy band (if you have one)
-Weights, if you got ‘em (most of our work will be bodyweight exercises)
-Water bottle

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Good Old Fashioned Bootcamp--Virtual Workout!

Online event

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