What we're about

We are a Seattle-based group of women who like to work out at all levels. We keep things interesting for everyone by mixing things up with a wide variety of activities - from trapeze to swimming, kayaking to running we have something for everyone and YOU choose what you want to do. Please join us and attend something organized by our other members or create your own event.

Upcoming events (4+)

Good Old Fashioned Bootcamp

Eckstein Middle School (Public 6-8)

Small, socially distanced outdoor group workout.
We will be doing a series of cardio exercises intermixed with strength circuits. Bring your mat, weights, water bottle and a jump rope, if you have one.

Tues Run Club

Green Lake Community Center

Resuming double lap format:

  • Lap 1, starts at 5:30AM, moving counter-clockwise. Walking or walking with running intervals. (Walkers just walk, runners run for short intervals, then trot back to the walkers before running ahead again.)
  • Lap 2, starts at 6:20AM, moving clockwise. Easy jog back around the lake; opposite direction from lap 1.

Join for one, join for both. Great way to start the day! Please indicate in your RSVP which lap (or laps) you plan to do and whether you plan to walk or mix in some running intervals.



Green Lake Community Center

The Wednesday GAMBOL is back!

To gambol is to run around playing excitedly. Although the word sounds like "gamble," when you GAMBOL, you never lose — you just have a great time!

Warm-up trot to the wading pool (moving counter-clockwise).
Cardio/Strength circuits
Trot to Bear Crawl Hill.
Stop at Pretty Bench Abs/Push-ups
Stadium stairs/ "i" push-ups
Trash can skipping back to the parking lot.

NOTE: You may want WORKOUT GLOVES (gardening gloves with rubbery grips work great) for push-ups and other hands on the ground work. Trust me, you will be glad to have them when we hit BEAR CRAWL HILL.


#FFFFw/Friends on Friday!

Lower Woodland - Soccer Field #7

Join us for "Free Fun Fresh Fitness w/ Friends" Friday Workouts!

FFFF w/ Friends on Fridays is back!

It's FREE, it's FUN and it's OUTSIDE! What we will do: bootcamp work out, featuring high intensity cardio intervals, mixed with strength circuits, games, challenges and hill sprints. What to bring: gloves, water bottle, mat or towel, jump rope and 5-10 lb hand weights if you've got 'em.

This weekly recurring event is open to "Betties&Buddies"--feel free to bring your "buddies"!

Past events (2,981)

#FFFFw/Friends on Friday!

Lower Woodland - Soccer Field #7

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