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Angular From Zero To Hero (heldag)

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Angular From Zero To Hero

Angular is a complete overhaul of the most successful front-end framework of all time. Angular is back and it's faster, better and meaner. Join me and learn how to build super interactive web and mobile apps with Angular. We’ll start from Angular fundamentals, build your first Angular app from scratch and then we’ll continue slowly adding new features to showcase the complete Angular ecosystem.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

Module 1: Introduction

• Why a New Version Angular?

• Angular Fundamentals and Core Principles

• From AngularJS to Angular

• Introduction to TypeScript

• How to Build a Simple Angular App

• How to use the Angular CLI to be super effective from dev to production

Module 2: Angular Internals

• Angular Router in-depth

• Angular Performance and Ahead of Time Compilation

• Angular Dependency Injection

Module 3: Advanced Angular

• Angular, Observables and Rx.js

• Advanced Architectures with Redux and ngrx T

• esting Angular Apps

• Styling your Angular apps and Angular Material 2

Module 4: Angular in All Platforms

• Ionic vs NativeScript vs PWA

• Using Angular Mobile Kit to provide an awesome experience across platforms

• Angular Universal helps you build Isomorphic Angular apps

Jaime Gonzalez Garcia (@vintharas)
Full Stack Web Developer, UX Designer, Author, Speaker
TAM and DevRel @ Google
Jaime is a full stack web developer and UX designer who thinks it's mighty weird to write about himself in the third person. During the past few years of his career he has been slowly but surely specializing in front-end development and user experience, and somewhere and some time along the way he fell in love with JavaScript. He still enjoys developing in the full stack though, bringing ideas to life, building things from nothingness, beautiful things that are a pleasure and a delight to use.

Jaime works as a Technical Account Manager and Developer Relations at Google. He has published several books, builds his own products in his spare time and blogs at (long story that one). He loves spending time with his beloved Malin, drawing, writing, reading fantasy and sci-fi, and lifting heavy weights.

Twitter Handle: @vintharas
Other websites:

(Exakt adress kommer skickas ut vid ett senare tillfälle).


Mycket välkommen till Sekonden! Vi finns på Badhusgatan 8 centralt i Linköping. Sekonden har funnits i 20 år och är för närvarande 14 anställda samt några underkonsulter som hjälper våra kunder med systemutveckling. Verksamheten är främst .Net utveckling men även viss C++.
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