Swift Delhi, Chapter 11 – CoreML, Neural Networks, Motion Design & Autolayout

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Greetings from Swift Delhi,

We're excited to announce Chapter 11 of the Swift-Delhi meetups, promising another great bout of all things swifty :)

This time we'll be conducting the meetup with the folks at Zomato (https://www.zomato.com/) at One Horizon Center, DLF Phase V, Gurgaon on Saturday the 26th of May 2018.

As always here are the talks lined up for this chapter,

This meetup is sponsored by Zomato. It is a restaurant search and discovery service founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It currently operates in 23 countries, including India, Australia and the United States. It provides information and reviews on restaurants, including images of menus where the restaurant does not have its own website.

Here are the topics for the meetup!!!

#1. *Motion Design in iOS* (20-30 min)

Speaker: Arpit Agarwal

Abstract: For us as app developers it’s cool to think about Motion UX in the apps we build. This talk will be about how to think about motion ux and coding animations into iOS apps. Read about getting started with Motion Design in my Medium post - https://uxdesign.cc/motion-in-ux-design-9-points-to-get-started-e891974dc7ee

Bio: Software Engineer (iOS) at Zomato since 2015. 4+ years experience in shipping industry leading apps for millions of users. Checkout his work at –– https://arpit.work

#2. Object Detection with CoreML (Lightning talk, 10 min)

Speaker: Bhagat Singh

Abstract: CoreML is Apple's newest framework for implementing Machine Learning models in iOS Applications. Since it's introduction in iOS 11, it has become a very powerful framework for native machine learning implementations. In this talk, we'll go over a quick start to CoreML by doing realtime object detection through our app.

Bio: Bhagat is an undergrad iOS Developer, making apps in Swift since last 3 years. He is a seasoned hacker, winner of major hackathons in India and abroad and has interned at Zomato in the past. He is currently working as a technical editor at Raywenderlich.com in the iOS Division.

#3. A short introduction to Neural Networks (20-30 min)

Speaker: Aadit Kapoor

Abstract: The world is booming with the rise of Artificial Intelligence particularly Deep Learning. In this talk we will be presenting the inner pieces of a neural network, how does it work? Why Neural Networks? We will go through the fundamental algorithms like Gradient Descent and Backpropagation.We will implement a neural network with Pytorch and Keras and then we will convert that model into a CoreML Model! The talk will be a short introduction to neural networks but the topics covered will encapsulate the crux of these algorithms.

Preferred (But not required): Swift, Python 3, Numpy & Pandas
Required: High School Level Calculus (Only differentiation)

Bio: Aadit Kapoor is a Deep Learning/Machine Learning Enthusiast. He has about 15+ apps on the iOS and Android platform. He tries to incorporate machine learning into his iOS Swift App or a Django Website. Earlier this year, he also founded Jet Music that crossed around 2000+ downloads on the iOS App Store. You can follow him on GitHub: (http://github.com/akapoorx00) and Facebook (http://facebook.com/aadit.kapoor71).

#4. Auto Layout in iOS (Lightning talk, 10 min)

Speaker: Anu Mittal

Abstract: “Because view objects are the main way your application interacts with the user, they have many responsibilities”. In this talk, we will discuss some ways to build view hierarchy and why Zomato chose Auto Layout over the other methods. We will look at constraints and how to use a category to ease auto layout

Bio: Software Developer (iOS) at Zomato since late 2016. She is an open source enthusiast who loves exploring new technologies. She is a past GSoCer in KDE and has been a speaker at various tech conferences in India and abroad. Currently working on iOS development, she has experience working in CoreData and Autolayout.

🚀 See you guys there!!! Swift India - Delhi Team 🚀