The Reactive Code That Broke My Brain and Changed My Mind (in time for Combine!)

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After almost five years of working with ReactiveCocoa and RxSwift, I still felt like reactive (Rx) programming had limited use in my work.

But with Swift and RxSwift maturing, I was looking for a way to try it more. This spring, a colleague and I decided to use it whole-heartedly on a project. We established some guidelines that led us to an extremely clean Model-View-ViewModel implementation with a declarative ViewController and stateless ViewModel. And when Apple announced Combine at WWDC this year, we were glad we did because this code will convert to SwiftUI/Combine more easily.

Attendees can expect to learn:
- The basic ideas behind Rx that all Rx libraries share
- The “why” for Rx style code and how it can be radically different from typical Objected-Oriented structures
- How to do Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) with Rx
- How to unit test the resulting ViewModel

About the host:
Lou Franco is on the Trello iOS team at Atlassian and is a co-author of "Hello! iOS Development"

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Developers across all experience levels are welcome! Bring your own laptop & charger, plan to participate in the discussion, and get ready to learn something new.