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What we’re about

The idea of the peer lab is pretty simple: get together with your fellow iOS developers for a peer-based learning lab - bring your laptop and work on whatever you want. Do you have a kick-ass side project? Go for it. Are you stuck in the problem? Ask someone for help, maybe someone can help you. Please feel free to discuss the latest iOS news, Swift evolution, Functional Reactive Programming, and your awesome app idea with folks. Let's make your Saturday morning the most productive ever with code and fruitful discussions with your peers!

Will be scheduling the meet ups to be every Saturday morning from 10:30am to 1pm.

Read more about the idea on the artsy blog:

Target audience: iOS developers who are motivated to spend their Saturday mornings coding but don't want to do this alone - all experience levels welcome! If you're not an iOS Developer, but interested in getting started? No worries, please feel free to join us, and we can guide you to the fun iOS Development world!