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Swift Warsaw #6

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Here we go again! 💥

This time we have a special guest - Natasha Murashev ( aka Natasha The Robot. I am sure most of you are already familiar with her awesome Swift Newsletter ( that is sent out on a weekly basis. Natasha is a very active member of the Swift Community and it will be a real pleasure to finally meet her in person. She will give us an overview of watchOS 2.0. Krzysztof Siejkowski ( will join us with a very interesting talk about Swift for... backend. There will also be a lightning talk by Radek Pietruszewski ( about Dependent Types. Read below for full agenda!


18:30 : Start

18:35 - 18:45 : [⚡️TALK] "Dependent Types (and other ideas for guarenteeing correctness with types)" – Radek Pietruszewski

A few strategies for protecting yourself from your future self's mistakes. Write more robust code by expressing constraints in the type signature and avoiding partial functions. Give your compiler the tools it needs to assist you. Let it help you.

18:45 - 19:30 : "swift-for-backend-SNAPSHOT-2016-03.tar.gz" – Krzysztof Siejkowski

The open-sourcing of Swift brought lots of love for non-OSX programmers. Linux support is a huge step for making Swift a full stack language, equally suited for server and client side applications. While it's very much a work in progress, there's already been built a vibrant landscape of backend-oriented frameworks and libraries, coming both from the community and the enterprises. Let's see what tools are available, how they can be used and why Swift on server side might be a good idea, despite the early stage.

19:30 - 20:00 : 🍺 and 🍕break

20:00 - 21:00 : "Hello, WatchOS 2" – Natasha Murashev

This is an overview of watchOS 2 designed to give you the head start you need to start building! Learn about how to design for the Apple Watch, the different UI components included, how your Apple Watch works together (and independently) with your iOS app, and more!

21:00 - ??:?? : 💬🍻👍

As always, much ❤️ goes to our sponsors: Syncano (, Macoscope (, 10Clouds ( and for this event also BlaBlaCar (

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Al. Jerozolimskie 81 - budynek Central Tower, 20. piętro · Warszawa
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