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Swim is an open source software platform for building streaming applications. Swim combines object-oriented programming and streaming APIs to power efficient, scalable, real-time applications.

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Using Python, NodeJS and Swim for Streaming Analytics and Robotics Control

Using Python, NodeJS and Swim for Streaming Analytics and Robotics Control Speaker: Scott Clarke, @sclarke27, Senior Software Engineer, SWIM.AI GitHub: https://github.com/swimos Agenda 6:00-6:30 - Socializing and intro 6:30-7:30 - Using Python, NodeJS and Swim for Streaming Analytics and Robotics Control (Scott Clarke) 7:30-8:00 - Q&A and wrap up Description Scott Clarke, maker extraordinaire and senior software engineer at SWIM.AI, will demonstrate how he used Swim to integrate a robotic tilt/pan mount, camera, LEDs, and controller to create a real-time facial recognition app. During this session, Scott will present a short "how-to" for using Swim to create a distributed application with multiple individual process and Swim Services built on top of real-time data streams. This demonstration will use a Raspberry Pi, commercially available tilt/pan mount with a Pi Camera, and several individually addressable LEDs. The pan/tilt device is mounted on top of the Raspberry Pi and controlled by a Python process. All hardware is readily available online and easy to assemble. On the software side, Swim manages all available data in real-time, streaming data continuously and bidirectionally between the pan/tilt device and a Web-based UI. This application also runs NodeJS, to act as a bridge to a PS3 Controller, which is used to control the Tilt/Pan device via Python. On a separate laptop, 2 ML process running in Python and OpenCV perform object detection on the video streamed from the Pi Camera. Swim is a new model for building real-time applications using stateful Web Agents and multiplexed streaming APIs. Using the open source Swim platform, developers can quickly and easily build stateful, decentralized applications and real-time user experiences. Swim applications automatically optimize usage of available cloud, edge and network resources to ensure streaming updates are continuously delivered in real-time, without ever depending on a database, message broker or app server. About SWIM.AI SWIM.AI designs software from first principles to solve fundamental challenges of building intelligent software applications. We are the creators of the open source Swim platform and WARP streaming protocol. Swim was designed intelligent software applications should just work, at any scale. Together, we are pioneering a new generation of stateful streaming applications, unbounded by the constraints of database-centric architectures.

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How to Build Stateful Streaming Applications

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