What we're about

A group for people under the age of 40 who want to undertake social activities which are either only possible or better as a group. 40 is not a rigid cap but is designed to show the kind of things this group is about and prevent it being dominated by an older generation like other social groups.

The plan is for this group to organise group social activities at least twice a month across both weekday evenings and weekends. The group will be a pay for what you participate in.
Please ensure you RSVP and pay for activities well in advance to allow things to be booked. Activities will NOT be booked until I receive sufficient funds from attendees. Please note a number of activities have minimum numbers and will be cancelled if this amount is not reached.

Meetups will be organised with sufficient notice to receive payment beforehand. Places will only be booked for those who have paid and no refunds offered unless someone else is willing to pay for the place.

Meetup charges for the running of such groups therefore in order to recoup these costs a small admin charge will be added to bookings however I hope to receive group discounts where possible. The price offered reflects this fee

Examples of such activities could be:
- Ten Pin Bowling
- Board Game evenings
- Crazy Golf
- Foot Golf
- Escape Rooms
- Pub Quizzes
- Stand up paddle boarding
- Paintball
- Airsoft
- Ice Skating
- Archery
- Beer Tasting/Brewery Tours
- Days Out
- Watching sports games
- Go Karting
- Laser Quest

Depending on interest in activities this could also involve trips out of Swindon or breaks away.

Couples and groups of friends are welcome as long as they are open to meeting new people. Please note this is NOT a singles or a party/clubbing group

Upcoming events (4+)

Greek Meal

Needs a location

Meal out at Swindon's Greek Olive restaurant. Please see https://thegreekolive.co.uk/ for the menu. From the online menu there appears to be two vegetarian options plus stuffed peppers for vegans.

I am happy to enquire with the restaurant any dietary requirements.

From past experience this is can often be a somewhat busy and loud spacious restaurant but with fantastic food.

There is a small car park at the back of the restaurant on Faringdon Road but this tends to get full very quickly. Otherwise the nearest car park will be Brunel North Car Park

I am happy to help anyone with a lift.

We will meet at the table - please ask for a reservation under the name of Chris Carlton when arriving.

Ideally looking for minimum 4 people.

Please let me know if you are definitely coming so I can book a table for the correct number.

New members particularly welcome - let's celebrate exiting lockdown and being able to meet again!

In person film night

Needs a location

Now that things have started to reopen we are moving the film nights to in person on a fortnightly basis.

Details of the films and timings will be posted at the bottom of each specific event. This will always be 7pm at the earliest, with the specific film decided on the weekend before. Please post any requests in the event series

We will get together at the Cineworld at the Shaw Ridge Leisure Park which has a large, free, car park adjacent to it. Alternatively any bus to the Link Centre is a short walk away. If anyone requires lifts please let me know.

We will meet in the lobby to all buy tickets together. Please arrive promptly 15 minutes before to allow the group to purchase tickets together.


Film: TBC
Start Time: TBC
Arrival Time: TBC

New Friends Meetup *New members strongly encouraged to sign up*

Needs a location

Hi everyone, after the success of the last event I am running this again.

The idea is to offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can hear people talk and where a number of people are in the same boat of meeting people for the first time. For that reason I've chosen a week night and the Hop Inn as it is a large well located pub.

The first 30 minutes is exclusively for first timers (and anyone nervous!) - if you have been to Meet Up before, please turn up from 19.30 onwards. This first half hour means that new people can arrive knowing that everyone else is in the same boat but also allowing you an easy out of being able to leave after 30 minutes if things aren't going as you hope. If you are feeling nervous about coming you only need to think of it being at worst 30 minutes of discomfort - how bad can that be?

I will also be there from the start (and Louise too if they can make it) to greet everyone new and welcome you to the group.

For anyone who is new to the group, I can completely understand that meeting new people can be daunting for some and I myself felt the nerves the first few times too. I am pleased to report that things worked out well for me, with Louise and I meeting through meetup as well as some other lovely people, and it can for you too. All you have to do is overcome that first time fear of the unknown and push yourself a little. I promise you won't regret pushing yourself to try something regardless of how the event goes .

The plan is for there to be lots of other first timers there, and we will greet you and help you to settle in. I promise you we're all nice, as is everyone else in the group, and will do our absolute upmost to make you feel welcome and as at ease as possible .

Anthony from the Bristol meetup group posted a number of meet up tips which I've stolen here because they are very helpful:

  • Everyone is there to meet new people. That makes it amazingly easy to start a conversation.

  • If you are really nervous, plan to come for just the first 30 minutes. If you are enjoying it, you can stay, but if not, then you always planned to leave anyway.

  • Remember why you are there - to make 'real world' friends. While you are mingling, ask yourself "would I be comfortable inviting this person round to my house for a coffee and a chat?". These evenings are fun and social events in themselves, but we are really there to find people to hang out with outside Meet Up.

  • Don't be put off by large or small numbers of attendees - in fact, the larger events mean that there is more chance of meeting someone you get on really well with. Plus, there is usually a drop out rate so we get attendance of around 60-70% of those who say they will be there.

  • I tend to work on the idea that I might get on really well with about 1 in 50 people that I talk to. Expect to have to attend quite a few events before you can form a new circle of friends.

  • Look after other people - sometimes you will spot someone struggling in a conversation or looking at their phone. Be kind and try to include them.

Top Five Ways to Exit an Awkward Conversation:

"I'm going to get a drink"
"I haven't mingled enough, I am going to speak to some more people."
"I'm going to the loo"
"Can I introduce you to....."
"Excuse me, I need to Facetime my cat"

In person monthly coffee

Needs a location

Instituting a monthly in person coffee catch up. Each month will be held in a different location in the greater Swindon area.

Host will try and secure or reserve a table for the group.

Please RSVP to give an idea of numbers.

September venue: Town Hall Tea Rooms 27 High St, Royal Wootton Bassett, Swindon SN4 7AF


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In person film night

Needs a location

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