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West Coast Swing lvl 1 For Lindy Hoppers
Cost: $27 Includes dance. • No Drop-ins*
Attucks Theatre, 1010 Church Street, Norfolk, VA

July Beginner Series - No partners or experience needed.

West Coast ain't so tuff! Whether you're new to dance or just to West Coast, this class will get you dancing to virtually every style of music from the 20's to today. Learn to play with the music and have fun with a partner. Move your body and not just your feet! If you've heard that WC swing is hard, you've been talking to the wrong people! It's no harder than Lindy or EC!

Basic Patterns & Fundamentals
This class is designed to give all dancers the ability to confidently lead/follow any level West Coast Swing dancer in a social dance setting. You'll learn the most fundamental patterns of West Coast Swing and build on that foundation and add a variety of "tools", patterns, and techniques.

Basic Whips & Pass-By Variations
Now move up to more patterns and fun steps that incorporate more 8 count patterns. Body and foot styling for leaders/followers. You will continue to build on your basics with additional core move combinations and stylings that will keep you on the dance floor.

West Coast Swing is a contemporary swing dance derived from Lindy Hop and developed in the late 1940-early 1950s. When big band music starting to die out, R&B, Rock-n-Roll, Blues, and Motown started hitting the airwaves, dancers needed to convert the energy of swing to a more smoother styles.

West Coast Swing is a smooth partner dance performed to slower tempo music with an emphasis on follower initiated improvisation, tight turns, and rolling footwork. Basic moves include whips and sugar pushes, often stretching into an anchor or coaster step. This popular modern dance is full of head-turning moves and tricks while intricate footwork adds to the excitement of the dance. If you enjoy modern popular music, smooth dancing, and lower tempos, you should try dancing West Coast Swing!

Partners Never Needed.

*NOTE FOR DROP-INS: Since this is a progressive series, we highly encourage you to make the first class where you'll learn the basic foundation pattern. Each week we build on the previous week's moves. Drop-ins are ONLY allowed to dancers with prior experience AND approved by instructors. Private time "catch-up" will not be available.

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