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The life cycle of data, from creation to obliteration, touches a wide range of technologies, systems, processes, solutions - and people. Typically, we professionals only see the part of the overall picture that are tangent to our role and are truly proficient in a comparatively narrow range. This group offers the opportunity to widen your understanding, to get insights into all the many aspects of the data platform. This will give you a better understanding of challenges and solutions and make your more effective - and valuable - in your profession.

We cover the overall data platform that supports the “Data Driven Enterprise”. If you’re a DBA, or a tamer of Big Data, a Data Engineer, an Integrator, a Data Scientist or an Analyst - simply said, a professional running data through your hands, or turning data into information - this Meetup group is tailored for you. Members of this group know that data is much more than simply “the new oil” - it becomes more useful the more it is used and over time often reveals further applications, supporting innovation and driving business.

Although this group initially is sponsored and hosted by Oracle, the meetings are declared to be truly vendor neutral. Any informative topic from any private or employed person is most welcome.

Meetings include presentations that serve as introductions and overview to a specific topic, which we then discuss openly.

For Zurich, initially and until co-leads come on board (as said, we are vendor neutral) the meetings are hosted at a perfect location, the Oracle "Smart Innovation Center" in the Prime Tower (Hardbrücke).

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