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Brain & Machine // Neuroscience and technology

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Brain & Machine // Neuroscience and technology


How much closer can we get to machines? Much closer. Our October event will explore the relationship of Brain and Machine and How neuroscience, AI and VR can be used in healthcare. Speakers are a TedX veteran, Martin Ciupa, and an EPFL researcher, Ricardo Andres Chavarriaga Lozano. The event is proudly co-organized with the "Digital Strategy and UX meetup - Geneva", CAUTION - THE EVENT LOCATION IS IN GENEVA!


18:30 Open Doors

19:00 Péter Horváth, Jesse Anton & Pawel Rosikiewicz
"Introduction to Meetup groups; Digital Strategy & UX, and SwissAI"

19:15 Ricardo Andres Chavarriaga Lozano, GCSP
"Brain-Machine Interfaces - Where We Are and Where We Could Go"

20:00 Martin Ciupa, Mindmaze
"AI- & VR-Based Neurological Healthcare – A Cybernetic Perspective"

20:50 Apero


I. Ricardo Andres Chavarriaga Lozano, Geneva Center for Security Policy
GCSP "Brain-Machine Interfaces - Where We Are and Where We Could Go"

The advent of brain-machine symbiosis is clouted in uncertainty at technical, ethical, and societal levels. Understanding where are we now and possible scenarios these technologies can bring about is essential to shape their transition from proof-of-concept systems to adopted products. In this talk Ricardo will briefly present the state of the art on and discuss some of the underlying challenges that arise from this type of relation between humans and technology."

Ricardo Andres Chavarriaga Lozano is passionate of responsible development and social implications of technology, Ricardo Chavarriaga aims at the conception of neurotechnologies that allow symbiotic interaction between human and intelligent machines. For this he focuses on improving our understanding of neural correlates of cognition, development of artificial intelligent devices, and user-centered design. He has a degree in electronics and a PhD in Computational neuroscience, but also loves running

II. Martin Ciupa, Mindmaze
"AI- & VR-Based Neurological Healthcare – A Cybernetic Perspective"

AI and Virtual Reality are emerging technologies that are particularly well suited to provide support to the Healthcare Industry. This presentation examines the crises facing that industry and how these technologies can solve some of these problems. The opportunity does come with some concerns and risks, these are highlighted and mitigation proposed. A new paradigm referred to as Healthcare 5.0 is advocated. MindMaze (a Swiss unicorn in these markets) is providing some interesting contributions in this space – these are showcased. One of the features of the MindMaze Protocol used in there products is a Cybernetic perspective of Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy, the journey of which is subject to feedback control to optimize to the personal needs of the patient in a quality/effective manner.

Martin Ciupa is Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Mindmaze, a TedX speaker, a Top 100 Linkedin Influencer in AI, ML, Risk, and Ethics.

Rte de Meyrin 123 · Vernier, GE
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