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SwissAI Machine Learning Meetup
SwissAI Machine Learning Meetup
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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

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LOCATION: Auditoire CO3 (3rd-top floor), EPFL, Lausanne,

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LOCATION: ROOM CO3, EPFL, Lausanne, 3rd floor
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17:30 Open doors

18:00. Sven KREISS, Visual Intelligence for Transportation lab, EPFL
“Compositionality, Confidence and Crowd Modeling for Self-Driving Cars“

18:30 Gael GROSCH, Data Scientist at Unit8
"Parkmate: Monitoring of Parking spaces using computer vision (YOLO)", Senior data Scietist at Unit 8

- 5 min break -

19:05. Matteo CAORSI, Chief Scientist at L2F - Learn to Forecast
“Giotto, the open-source python library for topological data analysis”

19:35 Hazel POLKA; Virtual In-House Lawyer,
"If it isn’t patentable, how can I protect it?”

Apero kindly sponsored by L2F & Unit8


BIO: Sven is a postdoc at the Visual Intelligence for Transportation (VITA) lab at EPFL in Switzerland. Before returning to academia, he was the Senior Data Scientist at Sidewalk Labs (an Alphabet company) and worked on machine learning problems for urban environments. Before that, he led the machine learning efforts at the New York-based startup Wildcard. Prior to his industry experience, Sven developed statistical tools and methods used in particle physics research. Sven grew up in Germany and studied mathematical physics at the University of Edinburgh before earning his Ph.D in physics at New York University. For his research in particle physics. He spent a year at CERN in Switzerland and was on the core team that discovered the Higgs boson.

BIO: Gael is senior data scientist at Unit8, a Swiss made company that helps other businesses solving their most crucial issues with big data, software development and AI implementation and usage. Prior to Unit 8, Gael worked at Swisscom in big data wireless analytics team. He graduated from Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and completed his master project in Midmaze, a Swiss unicorn startup, where he helped developing body motion tracking algorithm for stroke rehabilitation exercise.

Matteo CAORSI, PhD
Matteo is the Chief Scientist of L2F, a young machine-learning company based at the EPFL Innovation Park. The focus of his current research activity is on topological data analysis, time series forcasting and decision theory. Matteo did his Ph.D in Geometry and Mathematical Physics at SISSA (Italy), working on the formalization in category theory of supersymmetric quantum field theories. He posessess three master degrees in Nano-Engineering, Theoretical Physics and High Energy Physics obtained in three different prestigious European institutions. Matteo has worked as a visiting researcher at CERN (Geneva) and at CEA (Paris) for several analysis in his company.

ABSTRACT: The aim is to highlight that: (a) not all inventions/creations/pieces of work are patentable, (b) there are other forms of IP protection, and (c) that a good IP strategy doesn’t have to mean patenting anything that moves.
BIO: Hazel is experienced business person, qualified lawyer and accredited mediator. For several years, she worked at multinationals in the UK and Switzerland, and provided support for startups and SMEs. While providing day to day legal support across several continents, she has travelled extensively and, in doing that, acquired a deep practical understanding of cultural differences across the world. Currently, she helps her clients to develop strategies to bridge gaps between the legal requirements of different countries, to establish their company's presence in Europe, and to to assess their short and long term legal support requirements.


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