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What we’re about

Mountain Bike, Ski, Snowboard & Watersports Adventures in Switzerland

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Please Note: Since March 1st 2021 all event registrations are done through our own website. The events will continue to be posted here, but the registration is closed on meetup. You can sign up for any of our events or discuss the great outdoors on our forum on

Swiss Alpine Adventure is not your average outdoor sports club. We started out as a cycling group and took the traditional cycling club philosophy and broke the mould. Our community is not about performance, race results or proving yourself to anyone. It’s not about being the first to the top of a climb or being the fastest down a trail, it’s about sharing the childhood wonderment we all once had when we learned how to turn the pedals on our first bike or enjoying the ride in the same way a surfer might enjoy the ocean. 

For many of us, bikes gave us our first taste of independence and gave us the freedom to explore our own neighbourhood. It’s exactly this sense of adventure we want our members to find again, to wake up the inner child and ask the question what is on the other side of that hill or around the next corner.

Swiss Alpine Adventure is about “Enjoying the Ride” and sharing it with friends rather than trying to prove anything in terms of fitness or performance (irrespective of what activity we are doing). On any activity our main philosophies are that no-one gets left behind, events are at a sociable pace and the aim is to have everyone finish the day with a smile on their face.

Over the years Swiss Alpine Adventure has grown and in winter we are now every bit as much about skiing and snowboarding as we are about cycling and/or watersports in summer. In recent winters we have organised avalanche safety training for both beginners and more experienced backcountry travellers as well as a number of freeride and touring weekends. Once again the focus is on participation and enjoyment rather than the performance. 

With over 3000 active Swiss resident cyclists and outdoor-sports lovers, we are probably one of the biggest and most active outdoor-sports communities in Switzerland and organise adventures countrywide. You would certainly be hard pushed to find a more enthusiastic community of outdoor sports lovers anywhere in the country.

The group is very much about inclusion and we want to help as many people as possible see why Switzerland is such a great country for outdoor sports. While we are based in the German-speaking part of Switzerland our members are situated throughout the country and we regularly organise events to different locations. If there are not enough events in your area why not drop us a line and let's see if we can help you get an active Swiss Alpine Adventure community going in your area.

The calendar is fairly packed with many different kinds of events and there are always more getting added. There really should be something to suit everyone's two-wheeled, wintersports or watersports tastes. If you feel something is missing then contact us and we'll either try to arrange it or help you get it set up through this group yourself.

Over the course of the year most of our events, tours, after-work rides and get-togethers are totally free and run by the community for the community. Our workshops, courses and weekends away will have an associated cost.

For the most up-to-date news on what we are up to check out our Facebook page and click on the "like" button. 

Obwohl die Hauptsprache unsere Gruppe Englisch ist, sprechen wir auch gerne Deutsch.

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