What we're about

WE are a network of passionate professionals following one Vision, by 2030, 30% female representation in the Finance, Tech & Fin Tech...
• We want to make a difference in FinTech, Finance, Tech and Digitization.
• We engage in solution creation and go beyond making females visible.
• We create an ecosystem that supports engagement of females in FinTech in a sustainable manner and encourages leaders to connect, exchange, co-create with a growth mindset.
• We encourage female professionals, entrepreneurs and experts to contribute in planting the seeds for the entrepreneurial trees of the future.
• We support innovation, exponential tech, FinTech 4 good, engage in co-creating new models of financial intermediary and in expanding the Swiss Crypto Valley. Finance, FinTech, FemTech, Digitization, Impact entrepreneurship, Research, Academic and Scientific topics go together.

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