Gloomhaven - Mercenaries wanted! [Bern Gloomhaven Campaign] Session 5

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At the far edge of the civilized world stands a town called Gloomhaven. Surrounded by nothing but savages, monsters and ancient ruins, it is a hub for all those who shed the shroud of civil society, willing or otherwise. Taking on the guise of a mercenary, you will band together with three other players and set out to seek fortune or power in this uncharted corner of the world, or die trying.

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• What to expect
Gloomhaven is a Boardgame/RPG hybrid focused on dungeon crawling with light RPG. Session 1 will have you choose your characters and play the first dungeon.

• Character Creation
Characters are provided by the game. You can choose from 6 different starting classes.

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In order to receive informationabout the game, ask your questions and meet your fellow adventuring friends, please join our Discord server ( Please link your Meetup and Discord profiles to gain access to the channel by going to the #hyperion channel and type "@hyperion link meetup".

• What to bring
Players dont need to bring anything, pencils will be provided and the game requires no dice. You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks of your choice.

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