Shady Dragon Tales - Allan [Zürich D&D 5e One-Shot Series]

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The exact location will be announced in the private Discord channel.

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In the lands of Mystara there’s an Inn called The Shady Dragon. It’s rumoured to be the place to go if you’re looking for work and adventure. The pay is good and apparently a powerful creature is the benefactor of the tavern.

• Please support us
This event is provided to you free of charge by SwissRPG. If you find value in what we do, please consider supporting us with a donation at the following link:

• What to expect
This game is a new style of weekly D&D 5e One-Shot Series intended for beginner and experienced D&D players, where you can keep and advance your character without the pressure of a campaign. You can join any session you’d like to attend and keep your experience and loot you gained in previous sessions. Your character grows as the tales continue, using a point system. It is a collaboration of three GMs with an interlinked and overarching plot set in the Lands of Mystara, the official setting of the earlier editions of D&D.

• Character Creation
Character creation will be handled prior to the game on our Discord server ( Please link your Meetup and Discord profiles to gain access to the channel by going to the #hyperion channel and type "@hyperion link meetup".

• What to bring
Pencils, dice (if you don't have any, others can lend you some), snacks and drinks. There are some drinks available for a small fee.

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