Dark Tidings [D&D 5e Campaign] Session 22

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Lagerstrasse 45 Zürich

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Faerun. A place plagued by apocalypse after apocalypse, never allowed to move forward. The rulers of Waterdeep, city of splendor, are in uproar. Their divination wizards have picked up another extinction level event. Will it be different this time? A mysterious portal, an ancient bloodline, the Harpers, a missing city, a fortress in the ice, missing people, a new noble family and a demon deep in the desert, prophecy. This is the story of 5 brave adventurers, can they change the tide of the world or will they witness the ruin of another civilization?

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This event is provided to you free of charge by SwissRPG. If you find value in what we do, please consider supporting us with a donation at the following link: https://rebi.me/swissrpg

• What to expect
We will continue our adventure.

• What to bring
Pencils, dice (if you don't have any, others can lend you some). As the venue is a cafe/bar, please do not bring any snacks and plan to order a few drinks. Also, please note although the venue has a smoking lounge on a different floor, the event is non-smoking.

Image courtesy of Wizards of The Coast