What we're about

FINALLY! If you are looking to:

- hang out with keto and paleo lifestylers who follow this way of eating and have similar struggles, wins and questions

- learn more about the lifestyles including recipes and cook alongs

- take on the responsibility of always learning and diving into the newest available research so we can take our health to the next level

....then this group is for you!

Events in Toronto, Ontario at the moment but maybe expand across Canada in the future! Please consider this a judgement free zone!

Check out our past meetups - we have done a movie screening for "the magic pill", a presentation by Kellie (who lost 100 lbs on the ketogenic diet) on the topic: keto in maintenance and long term, and a fun dinner get together!

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Meetup organizing committee:

Oscar @ihackeddiabetes (https://www.instagram.com/ihackeddiabetes/) on Instagram
Alysha, @fatfuelled (https://www.instagram.com/fatfuelled/) on Instagram
Colleen @keto_in_to (https://www.instagram.com/keto_in_to/) on Instagram
Kenza @ketoflightattendant (https://www.instagram.com/ketoflightattendant/) on Instagram
Sarah @ketointhesix (https://www.instagram.com/ketointhesix/) on Instagram
Neha @switchgrocery (https://www.instagram.com/switchgrocery/) on Instagram

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