Meeting new friends - A walk in the park

Swords and Knives
Swords and Knives
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First meetup for Swords and Knives!

7 am (Sunday)
age 18+
Light breakfast provided (TBD)
Expecting cool weather

Early enough to enjoy partial sunrise.
Long enough for us to go on a walk and talk.
Hula Hoops enough for everybody.

Share what you like to do that gets the mind and/or body moving!

Comment your inspiring thoughts and ideas about the group and first meetup!

Bring equipment that you would like to show and tell or use. Presenting (Swords and/or Knives) is totally welcome!

Demonstration of a weapon (any blade, stick, staff, wand, chain, stone-age tool etc.) will only occur if an expert is present to confirm the demonstration is safe (ie slow motion, safe distance, etc.) The group and the moderator and/or key organizer will on any group/member substance or action just as any group of friends or colleagues would expect.

To be clear:
Demonstrating the use of ANYTHING as a weapon without the group's complete acknowledgment and informed consent will result in immediate no-questions-asked expulsion. This is for everyone's safety and respect.

And to be more clear:
Holding a sword is exciting if you never have. And if an expert attends with a desire to teach, members of the group might have the opportunity to learn.

*Possessing firearms is prohibited from the meetup and the location.*
(For many, firearm discussion is unacceptable to participate or be near)

Group discussion and etiquette:
Every member will give and be given respect equal to each member and the group as a whole with an intention to improve communication, understanding, and be free of conflict. This is both a virtuous practice and a practical skill.

Members of this group:
Are gender-queer supportive, acknowledge their privelege, support and encourage each other to express their true selves. More than inclusive of others. Are of others. Dance how we want.

Unlike meetups in public spaces and parks:
You will be on a private property whose residents have allowed you to be guests. There will be physical and metaphysical boundaries. It is an open courtyard near a street in a dense neighborhood.

*Special note*
If you do not feel comfortable going on walks/runs/exploring the area with the group for any reason, that's totally cool. We will hang back a few members to hold the fort with you until our return (about 30-40min)

Your attendance is anticipated with joy and excitement.

Ask any questions to the group or me directly.

~Marceline (Medusa)