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It's time for our annual First Time Speaker night! We have six speakers who'll be doing lightning talks in front of an audience for the very first time. Come along and show them your support! We'll have our giant Jenga set up at the beginning of the night so arrive on time and squeeze in a game or two with your SydCSS friends. *** Tickets will be released on Thursday 24th May at 10am. *** Doors open at 6:30pm with presentations starting at 7pm. There'll be some finger food and drinks provided. ===Presentations=== 1) Cobra Style Sheets: Weather Domination with CSS Gareth Jones | twitter: @Gazrageous Whether in games, art, or on the web, increasingly we see creators of all kinds opting to bring their ideas to life in an isometric plane. From bustling office dioramas to rich fantasy landscapes, utilising lighting and shadows in these scenes can bring that extra dimension that makes them truly immersive. Want to learn how to become a master of the elements and build your own worlds that change with the weather? Then let’s dive in! Gareth is a junior developer at Enov8, and a fan of tea, Tolkien and tubthumping (both playing drums and the ’97 Chumbawamba hit song.) He can often be found tinkering with code, sound and a blend of the two. 2) Turning Language into Light Autumn Fjeld | Lumi is an internal project at ustwo to create a voice controlled “mood room” where users can express their their mood in natural voice to elicit a mood-changing or mood-enhancing light response. Autumn will show us how her and her team created something useable, testable, and enjoyable using three Philips Hue Bulbs, one Google Home, one studio closet, and numerous ustwo guinea pigs. 3) Wasm, the chasm: everything you know will change. Alex Swan | twitter: @alxswan WebAssembly (Wasm) is "a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine". Sorry, what? In this intro talk I will attempt to demystify Wasm; what it is, what it does, and what it means for all of us. After a long journey from law school through operations management, Alex found her calling in 2015 when she took the Web Development Immersive at GA. She is now a front end developer at Ansarada, building products that help businesses get ready for their most important events. Alex is passionate about mentoring and growing junior developers, raising awareness of mental health in the workplace, and amplifying the voices of women in tech. After hours, she is a karaoke enthusiast and broadway musical tragic. 4) What CSS Variables can do (that Sass cannot) Will Wise | twitter: @willWisedUp | This talk won't be about Will telling you to get rid of Sass. Instead, he’ll be focusing on how the latest in CSS can save on bytes and improve your workflow when partnered with a preprocessor. He’ll touch on some of the best features that come with CSS variables and layout some support options. Will is a front end dev from SiteMinder. After code, his hobbies are pretty much fire and ice. He's a volunteer fire fighter and spend most of his winter weekends at the snow. At the moment, he’s super interested in performance, so he's been aiming to keep what he writes fundamental. 5) Houston we have a keyboard Jesica Saussay | twitter: @jessaussay As a junior developer, it's sometimes overwhelming trying to work out what to learn next. To overcome this, Jesica has been giving herself monthly challenges to learn something new. She wants to share this month's challenge which has made her retrain her brain and helped contribute to increased productivity and efficiency Jesica a Javascript developer currently working at ( She changed careers nine months ago and her curiosity for emerging technologies is growing every day. She's passionate about providing mentorship and support to the next generation developers. She also doesn't mind a sour beer and ramen. ...1 more speaker to be announced soon. ===Sponsor=== Massive thanks to SiteMinder ( for providing everything for us on the night, including the venue, food and drinks. Make sure you say a big thanks to them!


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