The very first SydCSS meetup

This is a past event

60 people went

Web Directions

Suite 2B, Level 2, 2-12 Foveaux Street · Sydney

How to find us

The kind folks from Web Directions are letting us run loose in their offices for this one :)

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This is it, the very first SydCSS meetup! This is the one they'll be talking about for generations to come.

Drinks + snacks will be supplied.

CSS - the past, the present, the future?

Russ Weakley @russmaxdesign (

A look back at some of the milestones of CSS development and a discussion on recent changes that have radically altered the way we write CSS.

Russ Weakley, Max Design, has worked in the graphic design arena for over 20 years, with a major portion of that time spent specialising in web development and design. Russ is the author of CSS in Ten Minutes as well as a wide range of online CSS tutorials and workshops.

CSS Grid layout - a new core primitive for web apps

Alex Danilo @alexanderdanilo (

Traditional CSS brings a number of layout primitives such as floats, absolute positioning, etc. In recent times web engines have evolved and the standards they support have expanded to cover layout use cases that go far beyond the document-centric layouts of yesteryear.

Lots of UX design analysis has identified a number of different primitives that are necessary to provide the capability to handle the full set of capabilities exposed by native platforms and rich user interfaces.

A recent one is the CSS Flexible Box layout module which is already making great strides in easing the developer workflow for advanced layout.

The newest missing piece is CSS Grid layout - which is now reaching advanced stages of standardization, and also available in IE10 and recently landed in Blink - the core web engine in Chrome.

Come and hear what CSS Grid layout is about, what use cases become simple by using it and get a head start with one of the most useful building blocks for next generation web-sites.

Alex has spent over a decade on various W3C working groups developing the standards we all know and love, all while running a couple of start ups doing web engines for mobile and embedded markets. He now works at Google, spreading the good word about HTML5 and Chrome.