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Suite 2B, Level 2, 2-12 Foveaux Street · Sydney

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Just over the road from Central Station

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June is going to be very special, we’ve got 6 lightning talks, all from people who haven’t presented in public before. They’re going to inspire you, show you some new tricks and let you know what it takes to stand up in front of a crowd for the first time.

How to move away from 10 years of legacy code?

Adelaine Ho | @adelaineho ( |

Web development is ever-changing and evolving, how do we pick the ‘least wrong tool’? 10 years code, 3 frameworks, 1 developer… Adelaine shares her journey.

Adelaine is a passionate frontend developer working at hipages Group for the last 5 years. Having developed her own framework, she continues to learn the endless boundaries frontend development has to offer.

The thing about vertical-align

Miko Ademagic | @miko_a (

No matter how long you've been wrestling css for, vertical-align has probably bested you at some point. The aim of this talk is to help you to slay that beast - or, at least to lull it into a false sense of security - the next time you face it.

When not making very amateur animations, or writing 1-line bios, Miko is avidly searching for the right occupation to prepend with the word "CSS" in order to make his job sound cooler. CSS Astronaut(?) at Bigcommerce, Sydney.

Things I’ve learned from Sass Plugins

Elise Chant | @elisechant (

Design patterns, tricks and takeaways from our best Sass Developers.

Full-stack Front-end Engineer. Interested in how people interact with the Internet. Working with large scale applications, including The Commonwealth Bank and The ICONIC.

How web development workflows have changed

Mike Riethmuller | @MikeRiethmuller ( | (

There's been a lot of change in the web development landscape over the last few years. Mike is going to share a story on how he and his team deals with this and how their workflow has changed.

He was born. He got a computer. He started making websites. He’s still doing that. The end.

Responsive design vs video

Tim Olthof

Having long past the point of responsive design being a nice to have, the interfaces we engineer today demand it. In this brave new world of interfaces that adapt to thousands of devices and endless resolutions, what is the one thing holding us back? Video. Join Tim as he explores the techniques and tools at our disposal to overcome this challenge.

Tim is a graphic designer turned front-end engineer. Full-time nerd, part-time gamer, occasional pilot.

CSS transitions: the third dimension
Ben Harrison | @bennyharrison (

A quick rundown of the what, the how and the oh-god-why of 3-dimensional transitions in CSS.

Ben is a full-stack developer at Sydney-based social startup Kweo.