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SydCSS December

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Fiona C. and David L.


Tickets will be released on Thursday 19th November at 10:00am

It's our final meet up for the year. What better way to celebrate than to return to one of your favourite venues? We're returning to Freelancer's offices to find out how to solve some tricky CSS issues.

We'll have some treats for you to eat and drink on the night, but we encourage you to get together with your fellow SydCSSers and grab some dinner before or after the event. Use the hash tag #SydCSS ( to see who's out and about.

Doors will open at 6:30pm, talks will start around 7:00pm.

Why does /* good */ commenting matter?
Georgie Luhur | @georgiecel ( |

RTFM, they tell us – but it’s the last thing we want to do. Documentation isn’t just a long and boring hundred-page manual on a wiki. There are more interesting ways to document our code and make it easier for us to work with. And why is it that one of the most useful types of documentation is often the one that is most forgotten?

Georgie is a front-end developer at Campaign Monitor but she has also worked at Freelancer and hipages, and she likes tea a lot.

CSS 360° no scope
Matt Fairbrass | @matt_d_rat ( |

So you've mastered gradients, you're a media query ninja, and you know every trick, hack and workaround in the CSS playbook. But still you feel like CSS is missing something, something very important, and ultimately fundamental in allowing your app to scale. That thing is local scope. When building large scale web applications, scope is essential to achieving encapsulation and a clean separation of concerns. But CSS as a language is missing this key ingredient. So what can we do?

In this talk Matt walks through some of the recent innovations that have emerged from the community that allow us to achieve local scope in CSS today, and will demonstrate how to get your project up and running with Webpack to achieve local scope in CSS.

Matt is a UX Software Engineer at Lab49, building large scale web applications for investment banks, asset managers and exchanges.

Sizing things the right way with preprocessors.
Julio Cesar Ody | @julio_ody ( | (

Rationales for syncing design and implementation with a grid for eliminating bugs and inconsistencies, and generally making everyone's lives a little bit better

Give Julio 6 lines of CSS by any developer, and he'll find something in it to have them hanged. Probably apocalypse survivor.

This event is entirely sponsored by Freelancer, give them a big hug when you see them!

680 George Street · Sydney
18 spots left