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SydPHP August 2015 - Life After Death & PHP 7!

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Hey SydPHP!

We're returning to this month with a short-and-sweet meetup before PHP New Zealand. There's a few last minute tickets available at .


Katie McLaughlin
Life After Death: How to handle abandoned projects

Open Source software development is a very important part of the technology ecosystem. Some companies are taking this to heart by actively contributing developer time and resources in order to develop and open source internal projects. But people change employers, priorities and directions move, and systems die.

In this talk, we will discuss aspects of open source software development and the ownership of code, including licensing, copyright, project forking, and discussion about how to handle issues of developer departure and project abandonment.

Jack Skinner
A migration guide for PHP7 - Get started tonight!

PHP 7 RC1 was tagged just days ago and its time to start preparing for the imminent release.

This talk helps attendees get started with the new build, what to look out for and how to start upgrading. We'll cover installation, code migration, deprecation and testing.

*** SCHEDULE ***

Arrive from 6pm onwards
Talks begin 6:30 sharp
Hiring & Networking: share job opportunities
More talks
Closing remarks for an 8:00ish finish

Lightning Talks

We are always looking for lightening talks to top off the evening. If you would like to talk, please fire an email to "organisers sydphp org"

As always, these meetups are only as good as our awesome you, the community make them, so please if you would like to talk, have a subject you would like to hear more about or just want to chat, fire us a message and lets talk!
Level 20, World Square 680 George Street · Sydney
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