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SydPHP - October Meetup

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Hosted By
Jack S. and Ally B.


Hi Folks!

This month we're welcoming to the stage Katie McLaughlin (!

The Power and Responsibility of Unicode Adoption

Emoji have a rich history, and a recent resurgence in Western culture. However, as social networks feverishly try and clamber into this bandwagon, their implementations create issues with miscommunication. From the technical to the social aspects, this talk will cover why the extended character set provided by Unicode needs to be treated with responsibility by users and platforms alike.

Announcements + News

If you have any news or announcements this is where to share them. Let Ally or Jack know at the beginning of the night if you've something to share.


If you're looking to hire, or on the hunt for your next challenge this is where you can pitch to the group! Everyone is welcome to share specific opportunities (with detail - so please refrain from generic recruiting announcements).

Venue & Sponsors

A very big shout out to our sponsor Hey You ( for hosting us this month as well as providing the drinks & catering! Thank you Hey You (!


6:00 - Arrive for a 6:30 start
6:30 - Talks
7:15 - Announcements & Jobs
7:30 - Networking
8:00 - Head to the pub!
Hey You
Level 2, 104 - 106 Commonwealth St · Surry Hills
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