AWS Lambda Meetup - Back for a big 2019!! First event of the year!

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Hi Lambda Fans!

3 speakers confirmed with some super interesting talks. Q&A sessions are included in each of course, and always welcome to share something you've done at these events if you like too. Lined up for the event:

Tri Tran - NC Group - The architecture of micro-services using lambda and using the open-sourced 'micro-lambda template` as reference code (approx. 20 mins)

Tomas Dermisek - NC Group - Tomas will continue the above topic by covering how they were able to solve long-running processes in lambda and how we split big tasks into multiple smaller running processes. His talk will outline the different techniques we have tried and the pros/cons of each (approx. 20 mins).

Ben McPhail - Snr Developer - Ben will chat through his experience using Python Lambda functions and what to watch out for. Will talk through why he decided to build a Serverless Crypto Trading Bot in Python rather than JS. Being the JS/Python ecosystems are quite different Lambda-wise, should be a good chat with Q&A following. (approx. 20 mins)

As with all the @meetupmadness ( events, you know there will be a font of useful knowledge at the front of the room, some tasty food, and a cool beverage to help you maximise your value :)

Get the RSVPs rolling!

See you there.

Stephen, Gerhard & Zach