October 2016 - Winning at HTTPS and APIs-as-a-product


Winning at HTTPS - James Crisp (http://jamescrisp.org)

HTTPS is ever more pervasive, with few sites still using plain HTTP. Want to be the guy or girl on the team who actually understands HTTPS, can set up certificates and fix issues that come up? Sometimes this is left to an ops team, but there are benefits and impacts that cannot be ignored in development.

James has migrated several sites from HTTP to HTTPS and has tips and tricks to share.

API as-a-Product 101 - Bishoy Demian

Create a modern interactive developer portal for your APIs. Learn about its usage patterns with analytics. Secure access to your backend. Manage subscriptions with quotas and throttling.

Want to know more? You'd best come along on the night armed with your questions!