Lightning talks! C#9, Rust & Kubernetes, WSL2 and more...

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To spice up this month's session, we will have 3 entertaining speakers on 3-4 interesting short topics.. plus the usual quality banter and free JetBrains license give away!

=== Building a Rust microservice, dockerising and deploying on Google Kubernetes Engine - James Crisp
Walk through of a little side project, showing you how this tech works and fits together.

=== Terminal COVID-19 tracker in your postcode - James Crisp
Brought to you in one line, with a little investigation in the Chrome inspector, and some simple terminal commands piped together.

=== What the WSL2? - Amy Kapernick
Since it became available, there's been a lot of buzz around using WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux 2). But what is WSL, what's new in version 2 and what can you do with it?

=== Hands on with C# 9.0 - Richard Banks
C# 9.0 is coming soon, so what better way to learn more about the current state of progress than with a nightly build, some live coding in VS Code, and being able to ask questions via Twitch. You won’t want to miss it!