Jest and Elixir


NOTE NEW LOCATION: 50 Carrington Street, Level 10

Introduction to Jest Testing Framework - Vasyl Boroviak (

There are always ways to improve processes and standards in large organizations.
If your company or you are working on multiple and/or large JavaScript projects then you should try Jest.
This talk is about JavaScript unit testing. I’ll show the testing platform called Jest. Will tell why and how large companies can benefit from it. The presentation is going to be fun and entertaining.

Introducing Elixir - James Crisp (

Yet another language!?? But wait, Elixir is way cool! Imagine the speed and concurrency of Erlang (it's build on the Erlang VM), the neatness of functional programming (but only when you want it) and the sexy expressive style of Ruby, all rolled into one attractive language. And, yeah, it has a good web framework too.