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[BA] R code and IDE of choice.

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R is an open source software environment which is used for statistical data analysis. As a statistical / analytical language the R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. With SQL Server 2016's integration with R we now have more powerful analytics capabilities in the Microsoft stack.

This session will guide you through two IDEs for developers of R code. First is RStudio that has always been there for you and Microsoft's offspring: R Tools for Visual Studio. The latter is currently in public preview.

We'll talk a bit about differences and common features and try to evaluate both from programmeR's point of view. That involves the ease of use, code debugging, compatibility and scalability, performance and multi-threading, and last but not least enterprise readiness. Demos will display how rich R code with statistical computing and graphics can perform in one or another case.

Speaker: Stanislav Smoltis
Stan is a SQL Server Developer with experience of building and administering enterprise-scale data solutions on both cloud and on-premise environments. He is currently responsible for development and query tuning for a high-performance, 24x7 OLTP database solution. He has worked with SQL Server since 2004 and spent the last 3 years as a consulting engineer advising various companies on SQL Server infrastructure design and performance aspects.