Ignite your Cassandra Love Story: Caching Cassandra with Apache Ignite

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Ignite your Cassandra Love Story: Caching Cassandra with Apache Ignite

Are your read latencies not meeting your SLAs? Do you want to write SQL-99 queries against your Cassandra data? Do you need transactions and ACID compliance?
Well, look no further! Apache Ignite can slide between your application and your Cassandra cluster, provide true in-memory performance, supply full SQL-99 support and maintain the same “Always On” availability guarantees that you have come to know and love with Cassandra.
In this session you will learn how Apache Ignite can turbocharge your Cassandra cluster without sacrificing availability guarantees. In this talk we’ll cover:
An overview of the Apache Ignite architecture
How to deploy Apache Ignite in minutes on top of Cassandra
How companies use this powerful combination to handle extreme OLTP workloads

About the Speaker:

Rachel Pedreschi is the Director of Solution Architects at GridGain Systems. A ""Big Data Geek-ette,"" Rachel is no stranger to the world of high performance database systems. She is a Cassandra, Vertica, Informix and Redbrick certified DBA on top of her work with Apache Ignite and has 20 years of business intelligence and ETL tool experience. Rachel has an MBA from SFSU and a BA in Math from University of California, Santa Cruz. She loves collecting new experiences around the world!

– Arrive & networking: 5.45pm – 6:15pm (grab a drink & some pizza)
– Presentation starts 6:15pm