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If you have swallowed the RED PILL a long, long, LONG time ago...consider yourself a stranger amongst family, friends and even those who you LOVE the closest!

If you understand the New World Order, Globalism, The Illuminati, Eugenics, Fake NEWS, The Puppet Politicians and the TRUE meaning of 1984...The Georgewellian prediction made by the famed Eric Blair!

Then you and any other AWOKEN person, no matter their, age, sex, religion, skin colour, work, intelligence or EDUCATION--needs to join - the ONLY like-minded group of Patriots in Australia!

If the truth of the game of life and reality sparked for you a fire that now BURNS intensely. Knowing what you know and desperately want to share with all that you know, meet and will ever meet.To warn them of the imminent dangers....

You need to join this group.

All are welcomed. As Morpheus and his people were fighting to FREE each and every mind still plugged into the MATRIX.

I as you, now know, it is time that our crew all got together and started to get more of our beloved brothers and sisters UNPLUGGED before it is TOO late!

Starting with monthly events, revolving around the sharing of Truths, Ideas, Support, Hope, Revolution, Change, Destiny - ultimately ending with a world that we ALL CAN BE PROUD OF! As fathers, brothers, a son, a daughter, a mother, an uncle, as an aunt, cousin or a friend.

The time that all Freedom Fighters to take that stand has come.

* I honestly thought we had a few more years before taking up arms...BUT with the recent injection of the Coronavirus and all the fear-mongering PROPAGANDA that has and continues to follow, along with the Financial House of Cards that is about to COLLAPSE.

The Clock has virtually run out.

It is now time for action. It is now time for all those FREE THINKING Men, Women, Teenagers, and all other brethren to come together and wield an unstoppable force against the evils that are consuming this planet.

Will you be Spartigus, and join me in this fight to the end?

I truly hope that you do.

The war has only just begun!

Make NO mistake...I have been planning this moment for a very, very, very LONG time. Personally, as an AWOKEN AUSSIE/CROATION 1st Gen. born, PATRIOT!

I, as I told the 20 or so, Newtown Police Men and Women, "that, I Robby Perkovic, SLAVE am here to Lick YOUR Boots clean!!!!!!!!!

BOOT LICKER!" I repeatedly told my MASTERS, over, and over again, adding in, "Oh lord, please let me LICK your boots OFF!" as I b-e-n-t over ever so wholely, slowly, down upon my subservient knees to submit to the FORCE.

Understand, it was at least 17 beautiful Police Officers! (Let me be clear. I only have love, respect and admiration for every GOOD Female or Male Officer. It's the corrupt, illiterate, ignorant, deparate,

Welcome my fellow Brother and Sister Spartigus.



1. To gather as fellow brother and sister Freedom Fighters, in order to see, that YOU are not alone my friends.

2. To spend an entire night being who you truly are. All. A fighter, who fears no one, 1 who stands up for the weak, the disabled, the ignorant, the sick, the unintelligent, the lemming, basically the majority of slaves who we call "fellow human beings"

3. Group analysis, so that we start to leverage every available weapon, contact, opportunities, resources, income to be made (cash flow), protection, Plan B, C and even D???

4. Much More, I am 100% sure.


To unite as 1.

I am Spartagus!

Robby Spartagus 1 Perkovic
(My Poker Moniker)

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