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Sydney Data Engineering Meetup
Sydney Data Engineering Meetup
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Hi All, to keep you going with your monthly fill of data engineering, we will be bringing you an online edition this week thanks to the fine folks at YOW! Conferences.

🏠Platform Host: YOW Conferences (stay tuned for details on how to connect)
🍕Food and Drink: You 😊

🎤 Mike Gouline, Lead Data Engineer, mx51
Exporting dbt schema to Metabase
Metabase, a brilliant open-source BI tool, allows you to define your data model on top of the database schema, which includes descriptions, special types and table relationships. However, updating everything manually is not repeatable and prone to errors, so I will demonstrate how to export your existing dbt schema into Metabase automatically with a tool I created.
Mike is a senior data engineer leading the data practice at mx51 in Sydney. Coming from a software engineering background, his interests revolve around efficient implementation of data flows and extracting more value out of that data with machine learning.

🎤 Allan Whatmough, Data Engineer, Open Colleges
Data dashboarding for startups - adventures exploring Meltano and dbt
Meltano is an open-source tool developed by GitLab and is designed for startups and one-person shops. It encourages DataOps best practices and is an end-to-end data toolkit which includes ELT tools and visualisations. This talk will cover what Meltano is, how it works, and how it incorporates dbt to help make data modelling and transformation easier.
Allan is a Data Engineer at Open Colleges in Sydney. His background is software engineering and web development, and he likes dbt and graphs.

Remember to bring along some great questions!