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Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation and solving complex problems – it’s as much about doing as thinking.

The vision for the meetup is to build a community and ecosystem of people from a diverse range of design practices, industries, contexts and roles… to learn and share. To find their tribe. To get exposed to what others are doing and be inspired. We have a strong focus on using design to have a positive impact on people, our planet, and business.

We’re proud to see this in our community – our members are anthropologists, experience designers, chemists, architects, researchers, engineers, service designers, mathematicians, consultants, app developers, project managers, medicos, startup founders and many other roles.

We keep it pretty casual with plenty of time for networking, talks and panels on a broad range of topics, and a healthy Q&A that often turns into a group discussion. You can read a bit about the history and journey of our community and events here (http://dynamic4.com/ideas/sydney-design-thinking-meetup-1-2000-15-months).

New members are welcome! If you’re not a member already, feel free to join our community. Each meetup audience is curated to a degree to make sure we have a mix of new people, as well as the committed regulars.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re keen to speak – or if there’s someone you think we should invite to speak.

Ben Pecotich, Zoe Rosen, Lucas Mara & Kate Linton
Sydney Design Thinking (SydDT) Organising Team

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SydDT #77: Designing for Inclusion



Come join us for some fun conversations with interesting people keen on design thinking. This month we're focusing on designing for inclusion.

Kate Linton
Head of Design, Thoughtworks Australia
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Agnes Abelsen
Founder & CEO, Travengers AU
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Thanks to Thoughtworks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.

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SydDT #76: End of Year Design Megameetup

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