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KEDA, Scale Your Deployment on Your Own Terms

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14 July 2022 | 6 PM - 7 PM AEST

TOPIC: KEDA, Scale Your Deployment on Your Own Terms

Don't you hate it when we can't scale workloads based on events that happen outside of the cluster?! Keda may be able to help...

Kubernetes is a powerful platform to host various kinds of workloads. And in many cases these workloads vary their need of scale, for that Kubernetes has built-in functionality to scale these workloads based on their resource consumption; a pod consuming more CPU will be scaled to more instances.

However, there is no built-in way to scale workloads based on events that happen outside of the cluster; e.g. the length of a storage queue in the cloud. KEDA came in to fill this gap; with various scalers that come with the package, you can also write your own scaler that fits your needs.

In this session, we will understand what KEDA is, how it works, and how we can build our own scaler that suits our workloads' needs.

SPEAKER: Emad Alashi - Principal Consultant, Insight

Emad Alashi is a software developer, architect, and consultant whose main interest is in software architecture, software delivery, the cloud, and the human interaction caught in between.

Currently working as a Principal Consultant at Insight, he helps organisations adopt the Cloud, embrace DevOps, and build modern systems that achieve the right business goals. Lately, his interest is focused on Event-Driven systems and Cloud-native.
He posts to his blog on https://emadashi.com and can be found on Twitter @emadashi.

Hope to see you there!


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