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Integration as we used to know it has evolved in the last few years and the future of integration has never looked as bright as it does in the current world of Mobile First, Cloud First.

Evolution is a natural phenomenon and as such the traditional way of integration we all got so accustomed to, and love, has morphed into the Hybrid Integration space

The hybrid integration space is full of opportunities, covering both the traditional integration space utilising awesome products such as BizTalk Server as well as the disruptive Integration capabilities available in Azure.

As such HIP wants to be the Platform to bring together all kindred spirits who eat, breath, sleep, dream and above all fly the INTEGRATION flag.

It will do so by organising multiple gatherings a year in which we invite speakers (local and international) to present and share their knowledge and experience in the Microsoft Hybrid Integration Space.

Session cover the whole stack of Microsoft Integration Technologies and as such we are constantly looking for speakers who love to share their passion on all topics relating to the Microsoft Integration Space! Integration is our passion, we love to share our knowledge and love to learn new things each and every single day!

If you want to speak at one of our meetups, check this link (http://www.meetup.com/Sydney-Hybrid-Integration-Platform-User-Group/pages/20734630/Call_for_content/)for more info.

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