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JVM Meetup - October 2019

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Erik P. and Mike G.
JVM Meetup - October 2019


After being away for quite a while, another new meetup focused on JVM technology, including Java, Microservices, Kotlin, and much more. We hope to continue organising our meetup every 2 months, and we're always looking for speakers, from beginner topics to expert levels.

This month's session will focus on two great speakers, Rahul Gupta (Hazelcast) and Diego Berrueta (Atlassian).

Rahul - Fast Data Analytics in 2 Simple Steps

In this talk, Rahul will show how easy it is to add Hazelcast stream-processing engine to the IMDG, and how to analyse data already in-memory, to pull data from outside, and to push results elsewhere.
No-fuss coding, but blazing fast execution! All Java!
The demo will be available to download afterward from Github.

Diego - Scaling towards a thousand micro services

Join Diego as he recalls Atlassian's journey over the last
few years. Learn about the multiple challenges of scaling from just a
few to a thousand micro services, and the solutions that Atlassian has
found at each stage.

More details:

Some food and drinks will be provided by Lorica Health, who have graciously offered to sponsor this months event!

60 Margaret St · Sydney, NS
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