JVM March Meetup with Red Hat


Hi all,

Welcome to the first JVM session of 2020. This month, we have Stuart Douglas of Red Hat and Brandon Neo from Dynatrace joining us. Stuart will share his experiences with Quarkus while Brandon will dive into the observability of the JVM internals!

Brandon Neo - Automate your JVM Observability

Tired of slow queries? Insufficient exception handling? Still searching for that code to plug to stop that memory leak? There is an easier way..

Stuart Douglas - How Quarkus makes Java relevant for modern programming

Stuart is one of the founders of the Quarkus project and has more than 9 years experience working on Java Middleware. In addition to his work on Quarkus Stuart is the co-lead of the Jakarta Servlet Specification and founded the Undertow web server, as well as being a major contributor to the WildFly application server.


Are all your node.js friends bragging about reactive/functional programming? Bored to tears by your .NET friends talking about all the new Core 3.0 libraries? Sick of your Go friends lording it over you how slowly your SpringBoot server is to startup? Quarkus might be for you.

Join Stuart Douglas, one of the core architects of Quarkus, to find out how Quarkus makes Java relevant for modern programming. Stuart will discuss and demonstrate:

Quarkus' blazingly fast startup times and modest resource consumption that rivals that of node.js and Go
* Live reload features that speed developers' iteration cycle
* Using Panache to simplify data access and reduce boilerplate
* How Quarkus unites imperative and reactional programming (Vert.x)