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Olena's group Q&A:

1)What this group is about?

We created the group to promote and support women in Microsoft Business Applications.

2)Who runs the group?

Currently, the group has got 5 co-organisers, all working in different companies in the Microsoft Business Applications space.

3)Can any women become group co-organiser?

Yes, any women willing to actively contribute to the group can become a co-organiser.

4)How your group is different from other meetups/user groups in the space?

First, we don't call ourselves "meetup". Our activities are not just around knowledge sharing or networking.

The main focus of the group is on growing confidence, improving presentation skills and leadership skills of the group members.

Also, we use any opportunity to promote our group members to increase their visibility and recognition.

5)Why do you run technical talks then?

We encourage women to become technology speakers. We will be running "tech talk" as well as "leadership talks" to get more comfortable speaking about technologies.

Also, we encourage women to ask questions and get involved in discussions. We want people to feel comfortable and not afraid of being misjudged.

6)How do I become a group event speaker or share an idea?

I'm currently working on the expression of interest form. Meanwhile, you could send me or one of the co-organisers your idea or topic you want to discuss. We will be in touch.

7)Do you allow male speakers?

Currently, we don't allow male speakers. It doesn't fit the purpose of the group (which to encourage women to speak about technologies)

8)What about D365UG?

I believe our group have got different from " the big group" focus and agenda. Also, I am in " the big group" committee, responsible for a social media and group event advertisement. It takes lots of my time and effort. I enjoy "the big group" and the women group activities equally, participating in D365UG events regularly and encouraging others to do the same.

9)Does any Dynamics 365 partner sponsor the group?

We run the group independently. The only sponsor we've got for the moment is Microsoft.

10)What's the venue?

We run events at Microsoft Reactor or MTC.

11)How often do you run the group?

We run events monthly, on the first Thursday of each month.

12)Which platform do you use to run the group?

We use Meetup.com. http://meetu.ps/c/47bmG/tvdjn/d

Feel free to ask more questions. I will be updating the Q&A regularly.

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